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The Secret

July 11, 2009

Dear Reader,

I have a secret that I’m clutching ever so tightly to my breast. It is one that I cannot reveal to anyone in the world – except for you, my friend. It is of paramount importance, and is indeed infinitely powerful. That smirk you see on my face, the brightness you see in my eyes as I wander the Princedom, that is the product of the secret. If you allow me the opportunity to tell you, I will make it worth your while, as long as you promise to keep it tucked within yourself, and shall never tell another soul, at least only a soul who truly deserves to know this dire information.

The core of the secret is this:

Princiom #6: As you think, so you shall become (Origin of quote: Bruce Lee)

Why do you look disappointed? That is the most powerful principle in your arsenal: the ability to mold yourself with your very thoughts. What makes this such a potent weapon is that your mind’s capacity knows no bounds – indeed, it is almost infinite. Thus, by syllogism, your entire being has infinite potential. Obviously, you are not going to become a king by merely thinking so, no – you can only change things within your own sphere of influence: your demeanor and your actions. Those are the only two things that are under the influence of your mind.

But you still have a disappointed look on your face: why? This is the most powerful secret ever divulged to you, or anyone. It’s like the Fountain of Youth. C’mon, all you have to do is commit to a vision of yourself, as you’d like to see yourself, and POOF! you metamorphose into that person.

But you must visualize yourself as you’d like to be, and you must believe yourself when you create your vision of your ideal self. Consistently play the part, and you will find a large change in your internal dialogue. Eventually, you will wake up one day to find yourself the man you believed yourself to be when you first discovered this secret. It will be like stepping into someone else’s body, for you have acquired the ultimate power, and applied it: the ability to make yourself. You started with an idea, and made it into a tangible human being, you.

And, though I am not quite where I want to be (maybe I am merely chasing a vision I shall never fully embody), I walk around like I’ve got that secret no one knows, because I possess Earth-shattering power: the strength to change myself.

Work hard enough, and you will realize your potential. I guarantee it. The key is to play the part of the person you want to be, and shut out the behaviors of your old self. As with all things, it takes time and dedication, but it will happen.

Carefully guarding the secret,
The Prince

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