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Why I Am Free

September 19, 2009

It’s fairly interesting, blogging here for the first time in 10 days, and looking back at everything I’ve ever written, thought, or said. I’ve asked myself, “Why have I ever done any of those things? Why have I written about things, why have I talked about things, why have I done anything in my life?”

The thing is, many of those times I’ve done anything at all, it has been motivated by things ultimately detrimental to me: things like feeding my ego or pandering to others. But there are other times – the times of brilliance – where I only act in order to please myself and act on what I truly want in the moment, not fed by the ego or seeking to please others. That’s the definition of freedom and why it is so essential: freedom is when we have the capacity to express ourselves without fear. Now, I am assuming a certain amount of social intelligence on the part of my readers; obviously I am not going to condone using violence or other such harmful ways as expression. But, within normal bounds where no one TRULY gets harmed, I’d say be free to express yourself.

Princiom #6: Your freedom of expression is something that can never be taken away from you. Use it.

I look around, even at myself at times, and wonder why there is something lacking in people’s expressions and body language – it is as if they take their lives for granted or are just plain unhappy to be awake. I reject this! They slouch around, moving lethargically and lifelessly down streets, in trains, in cars, in schools and offices, and just chalk down today as some sort of chore, instead of an invaluable experience that will never happen to them again.

Think about that for a second.

Today, tomorrow, the next day, may all seem mundane to people, but that’s because they make it that way through repetition and routine. But, in reality, every single day of your life is different and has a life of its own. What happens today will never happen or unfold in exactly the same way ever again. In reality, every day is a new experience filled with wonders of its own. They may be small, but just observing the difference from one day and the next is a great way to keep life fresh.

Another frame that is useful is this one:

Princiom #7: Everything that you have ever done has led up to this moment.

Crazy, isn’t it? It’s like this moment is a byproduct of your entire life. And, truly, that’s what it is. This moment, and the next, and the next, have been a culmination of your life experience so far. Will you make the most of it?

But I digress.

Time to answer the question: why am I free?


Because I know that I am free to express myself however I see fit in any given moment. What will I express? Commonly, the feeling of being alive, of being able to hear, taste, see, feel, think, love, walk, run, breathe, sleep, read, eat, drink, have fun, talk, connect, and all of the other glorious things that we do on a daily basis. This is it. This is life. I love every minute, or try to remind myself to – since, truly, there isn’t anything better than this: to be human, and alive. It is an incredible experience, and I think we really take it for granted. I express who I am, my love for life, and my values with every action I make (at least, that’s the ideal). I feel free to express this however I see fit, whether it’s by speaking loudly and energetically, smiling as much as I can with a fire in my eyes, dedicating myself to the task at hand with gusto and determination, or just laying back with a slight, cocky smirk that communicates, “Yeah, there is nowhere I’d rather be right now than here.”

And you know what? I can do that at any moment, because, truly, being alive and healthy in itself is where I always want to be.

There is no greater feeling.

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  1. oneinamillionre permalink
    September 19, 2009 1:55 am

    Great post. This is the first I’ve read, and will be back for more.


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