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Demigod Theory

September 29, 2009

I was milling around, thinking of how powerful our minds truly are, when this realization hit me: we are all demigods. Well, not in the traditional sense of the word, where one of our parents are a god and the other is a regular, run-of-the-mill human, but I do mean that our potential is pretty much unlimited, much like a demigod’s is. We have the potential to do anything; and anything with limitless potential has to be divine* in a sense, don’t they? Like we’re all gods.

Here’s the catch, though: this only applies to our minds.


Our mind is the only real thing that we have that is truly limitless. We can think an infinite number of things and believe an infinite number of things, using our minds. All we have to do is let it be free, and, instantly, we can create anything we want in that mental realm. In that way, we are gods, molding worlds in our minds. We can create a dreamland that is as real as reality itself, as long as we have the power to think of it – however, being bound by the physical, we cannot truly enter that land that we, in our divine minds, have created. Sorry, but this body is firmly rooted in this physical world, not in our mental world.


The thing is, although your mind-created wishes, hopes, and worlds may never reach this physical reality, there is the power of applying our minds so that dream and day may unite.

Keeping in mind that although you, with your demigod power, can create almost anything in your mind, that infinity is paradoxically useless in application, meaning that unless your dreams can fit in with this reality, then you are just using your mind as an escape. I reject that; your mind is a tool, just like your body is a tool. Use it to make your situation better, not stick your head up in the clouds.

However, many things that you would think aren’t possible are; all I’m saying is that you can’t hope to realize a reality where you can fly (with wings) and sit at home making money without any investment at all. That’s not possible. But, on the other hand, if you aim high, and make a reality where your ideal life is represented, and shoot to recreate that here in our “real” world, then that’s a proper application of your mind. In fact, many modern self-help programs advocate using “vision boards” (I believe the Secret used that idea) in order to visualize what goals you would like to attain. Your mind is just like that: you create an “ideal” vision of reality, then strive to make that reality reality (physically, of course; it is real if it exists in your mind, as crazy as that sounds).

The key is finding out how to apply your mind’s infinite capabilities. With great power comes great responsibility – remember that. You have the capacity to use it for your greatest benefit, or for the greatest self-sabotage. You have to make up your mind on what you want it to do.

Here are my top 3:

1. Reframing
This one is my personal favorite. You take something where you have a negative value judgment, and turn it into something that is positive. You take the mundane and make it exciting. My previous post Disarming Logic talked about turning the negative into positives by applying an attitude of “I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!” to just about everything that happens in your life, whether or not you intended for it to happen or not.

But let’s talk about making the mundane exciting. All too often, we let things become normal and mundane – we don’t find any excitement in them. There are two ways you can make them exciting and interesting again, and communicate your excitement with other people: by wondering and “posivitizing”.

Wondering is simply taking an object (say, your computer), and trying to understand how it works and how unbelievable it is that we can use a computer and it can do all the things it can do – tons of calculations, a display screen to show the results of those calculations, we can watch videos (again, how much insane coding does it take just for you to watch a video on a computer?), and so on. You can do this with anything; just sit there and be in awe of how it works – even simple things like books can be strike awe in you. And suddenly, those things are exciting again.

The other way is “posivitizing” things using an eclectic vocabulary. I happen to call my handy-dandy notebook that I carry around in my backpocket (I’ll make a post on that in the future, I promise) the “backpocket notebook of glory”. “Glory” is an awesome thing to throw at the end of things, but “destiny”, “awe”, “majesty”, “radiance”, “sublimity”, “prestige”, “grandeur”, and “brilliance” all work well too.

Examples: History test of brilliance, subway system of grandeur, shoes of sublimity, pen of destiny. For added self-amusement, you MUST say these things around your friends and random people. You drop your pen in class, and you ask your friend, “Hey man, can you pick up the pen of destiny? It’s right next to your left foot. Thanks.” It’s literally impossible not to at least crack a smile when you’re saying “pen of destiny”.

2. Creative Self-Amusement
Your mind is creative enough to make anything really, really, really funny. Hilarious. This is sort of an extension of the posivitizing – you just use your mind as a creative tool to amuse yourself. You begin to imagine hilarious things happening all the time. You can do this by yourself or (even better) in social situations. Get creative, and imagine really funny things happening. Start laughing for no reason and just spread the good vibe. For example, you could imagine how funny it would be if you started singing “Thriller” on a crowded subway car, or, after ordering your venti mocha latté at Starbucks, you can say you’re new in the city and need your caffeine fix, so you need directions to the nearest coffee place (if you’re really funny, you can ask, “Excuse me, but you wouldn’t happen to know where the closest Starbucks is, would you?”). Guaranteed to get a laugh – if not from the person you’re asking, then from you.

There are literally a million ways in which you can randomly amuse yourself. Try quoting your favorite movies or songs in conversation. Label people with celebrities’ names and routinely call them their celeb names nonchalantly – if they give you a weird look, you can counter with, “Really? You don’t think you look like Matt Damon? Weird…” Like demigod theory states, your power to self-amuse is infinite. It’s just about plowing through your conceptions of what is and is not possible.

3. Art

Want to really see how limitless you are? Try making something, anything, into a work of art. And I don’t just mean traditional “art” forms like drawing, painting, writing, and the like. It can be anything – conversation, the way you walk, a sport, how you take a shower – it doesn’t matter. The idea is you can access the near godliness of your mind in its “infinite” power and make everything you do into an art form. Applying the full attention of your mind to everything can instantly elevate it to something best described as art – because it becomes an expression of who you are. Suddenly, every motion means something when you’re washing your hands, or your voice sounds so silky smooth and rhythmic when you’re talking to someone.

This concept of expression is something I’ll be covering significantly in my next few posts.

Living like a demigod,
The Prince

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  1. September 30, 2009 9:35 pm

    Life as art – the funny side of this reminded me of the ministry of silly walks. As I was walking up the stairs to my apartment yesterday, I decided to take the steps by walking to my side and crossing leg over leg. Kinda relates to living life as a child, never letting go of the joy of the experience. Thanks for the comment.

    • October 1, 2009 1:14 am

      Hey Eli,

      Yeah – getting back to being like kids is what I’m getting at! When we were kids, (I’d hope) we all were really self-amusing. If you’ve read my epic post Past, Present, and Potential, you’d see that I’m big on eternal youth. In fact, just so you can read the relevant part, I’ll quote it for you:

      The crazy thing is that everyone at their core, underneath all the nonsense and social conditioning, is positive and fun. This is what people mean when they say “there’s a little good in everyone”. That core, childlike self that exists under all our layers – the “inner child”. And I’m trying to figure out how to liberate it.

      Isn’t it amazing, though, that as we look back on our childhoods, it turns out that we were happy almost the entire time, and getting angry or sad for a few moments didn’t really affect us in the long-term? Like, after we were a little upset after falling down and hurting ourselves, we suddenly reverted back to our state of happiness.

      Of course, within the context of the whole 9,000+ word post, it makes more sense. Thanks for the comment back man, and keep producing good content.

  2. September 30, 2009 10:02 pm

    Creative Self Amusement and Limitless Potential

    Those were the two key aspects that hit me on the forehead. I love both of those thoughts. I have struggled to get my gf to be more creative for self amusement. As for limitless potential, I have been preaching that forever.

    Great thoughts throughout this whole post.


    • October 1, 2009 1:17 am

      Dave, my friend,

      If you need your girlfriend to get more creative in self-amusing, then why don’t you take the lead? In fact, if you do it totally over the top, and genuinely amuse yourself in the most ridiculous way possible, she’ll probably be even MORE attracted to you, and probably follow your lead. But you must set the standard for creativity. Don’t expect her to lead.

      Thanks for the compliments, man. Hope your new blog takes off!

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