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3 Inspirational Videos You Need to See

October 4, 2009

It’s Sunday, so I figured I’d highlight some awesome videos that just make me feel warm and gooey inside:

First up is Robbie Williams’s incredible rendition of his song Feel on the Tonight Show from a few years ago. The song isn’t the focus here; it’s Robbie’s incredible performance. And I’m not talking musically either – he is charisma. Keep in mind that he doesn’t start off too hot either – he is closed up, then he finally forces himself to break out of his neutral state and he really tears up the show. Totally awesome and inspirational.

Next is Benjamin Zander’s fantastic talk at TED. It starts off sort of slow, then really rumbles into a talk about, well, life. So beautiful that I shed a couple of tears at the end. Even if you don’t like classical music (and everyone loves classical music, they just haven’t found it yet), this is an absolute must-see. Check it out here:

Benjamin Zander TED Talk

Lastly is Steve Jobs’s now-famous Stanford commencement speech. I’ll let it speak for itself. Moving. Inspirational. Incredible.

Stay tuned for more content tomorrow!

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