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Revamping Reality, Part 2: Restructuring Life

October 17, 2009

This is the post that changes my life – because it actively defines my reality and sets me on my path through life.

My evolution first began in my post Past, Present, and Potential, where I first outlined a code of ethics for my life. Unfortunately, my code was flawed in a lot of ways. For one, it didn’t really define my reality how I liked it to. Yes, it set out my values, and set out what I was supposed to do, but it was disorganized, like I tried to fit my entire being into one set of rules. It also was a little too large; I never ended up memorizing it, regrettably. It was shortsighted, and needed refinement.

Now, I stand here, with my reality partly broken down by certain events. As I stated in my last post, my reality turned out not to be strong enough. Why? Because it didn’t have a solid foundation to stand on. This foundation is the subject of this post.

When considering a foundation to lay a reality upon, it is important to realize that the “pillars” of my reality have to be impervious to outside forces. That is, they have to be incontrovertible – they cannot be disproven. What do we call things that cannot be proven to be false?


These facts that make up my reality cannot be proven to be false, ever. They cannot. The Facts, as I’ve called them, are always going to be true, no matter what – when framed correctly. For example, say one of these Facts was that I am a man of action (and it is; it’s Fact #3). One could try to disprove this by saying that, if, for one day, I refused to take responsibility or didn’t get something done, then I would not be a man of action. I counter by saying that it was only one day, and one day does not change who I am fundamentally. The other person counters with the suggestion that, perhaps, 2 days would contradict the fact that I am a man of action. Again, I would say that that 2 days would not change who I am fundamentally.

And, so on it goes, until an infinite number of days is reached, and still, as paradoxical as that is, no matter the number of days that I act like a man of inaction, I will always be a man of action. Thus, the fact cannot be proven to be wrong – at least, in my reality.

I meditated pretty seriously on my list, and wrote what I wanted down. Here are…

The Facts
1. I am enough. I am high value.
2. I give my love to everyone and everything; they all deserve it.
3. I am a man of action.
4. Everything I do is quality.
5. There is neither good nor bad. Everything simply is.
6. I’m always feeling incredible, bursting with positivity, passion, and energy.
7. I am expressive – my actions radiate the internal bliss I have and communicate my core personality.
8. I am always present; needless thoughts do not cloud my head.
9. Everything is a means unto itself.
10. I am always evolving; I am always growing; I am always improving. I do not rest on my laurels.
11. I lead people into my reality.

All of the facts on my list are important in their own right, and if I were to discuss them, this post would be several thousand words long. This week, I’ll dissect The Facts, paying special attention to each in each of my posts. That way, you and I will further understand my reality and what it’s like to live in it.

Later today, I realized that my reality wasn’t as strong as it could be because I didn’t have purpose. Well, luckily, the God of all self-improvement bloggers, Steve Pavlina, bailed me out with an excellent post on discovering purpose. With that exercise, in about 20 minutes, I did discover my purpose (although I didn’t end up crying, I came very, very close):

My purpose is to be a leader who is confident, independent, and lives in accordance with his values; to be a limitless fountain of love and positive energy; to create an enduring reality of bliss and love through creative and congruent self-expression; to lead others into a reality of love and acceptance and awaken the best in them; to always grow and improve myself; and to give my full effort and attention to every moment.

With The Facts and my purpose, I now have a solid foundation as well as a direction to my reality. I deliberately wrote my purpose so that it could be fulfilled in any possible moment – that way, there’s accountability and I am always forced to stay on my path. If, for example, my purpose was to become the best hockey player ever (not going to happen; it’s just for fun for me), during the time that I wouldn’t be practicing, I could just say, “Oh, I guess I don’t have to act on my purpose since I’m not on the ice” and all direction to my life goes out the window. My purpose also preserves balance – there is no focus on any one area of my life in particular, so I can fulfill it in creative ways. For example, even now I am fulfilling my purpose since I am improving myself by writing this post – not only through making the ideas more clear by expressing them, but also by improving my writing skills. This is also an activity that fulfills my need for creative and congruent self-expression.

Stay tuned for articles dedicated to defining the facts themselves, and how they work. Tomorrow’s post will be on the redone, yet again, Operation Hamilton. Except, this time, I’ll make it final, for it will contain the most thought possible.

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