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Finding Expression, Part 2

October 29, 2009

First off, I bet all of you will be asking, “Why Part 2? Where’s Part 1?”

The answer is that Part 1 hasn’t been written yet, since it is going to be much longer than Part 2. At the same time, Part 2 can be implemented right NOW (as you guys know I’m a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now), without knowing what Part 1 is about. Part 1 is merely the process that I used to arrive at the place where I am now, which is a place of almost… emptiness. It’s strange. I am close to a tabula rasa in a lot of ways, but in others, I am very detailed, intricate, and distinct; that is, in some parts of my life, I am blank, but in others, I am the same vibrant guy I’ve always been.

Confused yet?

Don’t be.

As the post title implies, I am going to be introducing how to express yourself freely. This was a subject I outlined in my last post, Why I Am Free, where I expressed what expression means to me. But I don’t feel like I went far enough in explaining what expression was or how to obtain it. This is my job today: to express the full meaning of expression and the way that we can obtain it. It’s all pretty simple.

Expression is an interesting phenomenon to try to describe, yet it appears to be ubiquitous in our society, what with all the “express yourself” slogans and all, referring to creative works like art, writing, and so on. And it’s true, most peoples’ expression takes place in works of creativity, and that’s awesome. But so many of those people keep their expression bottled up inside due to external conditioning factors (see my mega-post titled Past, Present, and Potential for more on social conditioning) that the only place they feel safe to unleash themselves for all to see is through an artistic medium. And that’s a tragedy.

This brings me to my next Princiom:

Princiom #8:If someone were to ask me what my mission was in life, I’d answer, “Liberate expression.”

Expression is so critical that I see it as the real thing that matters most in life. Not altruism, not moral compass, not anything else. Expression.

However, my definition of expression may clash with your definition of expression. Here is mine: expression is any action that is motivated by someone’s core and their values (their “true self”, under all the layers of ego and the anxiety it creates). This means that expression can be literally anything, as long as it is motivated by someone’s soul (abstractly speaking).

Now, I’m sure some of you will ask, “Well, what about terrorists/George Bush/Hitler/other bad men? Weren’t they expressing their true selves through tyranny?”

Yes and no. Yes, they may have been expressing their true selves, but societal indoctrination had a hand in all three of those people’s deeds (not to compare Bush with Hitler; it’s very tongue in cheek). The Third Reich was very connected to German ideals, terrorists get indoctrinated by religious extremists, and Bush… Well, no comment. Thus, their actions may or may not have been from their cores. The only way to tell would be if you could put a terrorist in Canada and see if he achieves the same thing (from birth) or make Hitler grow up in Africa. But the world may never know.

I’m getting a little off track. Expression can be explained in a different way, too. I also think of it as “owning your actions”. That is, expression is communicating your personality at the highest level. Try framing things like this for a day or two: try treating your actions like they are expressions(!) of your personality. If you want to communicate that you’re a fun person, start smiling and laughing. If you want to communicate that you’re social, talk to EVERYONE. If you want to be funny, start making jokes and being high energy in conversation. If you want to be a leader, lead. You get the idea.

I’m sure some of you will ask, “But Prince, being social and leading isn’t me! It won’t be an expression of my core personality!”

Ah, but of course it is. Your core personality is a blank slate until your actions start to define it via expression. But, at all times, it is blank, until your actions communicate what your core is.

As I alluded to in a previous post, the love of life itself drives many of my actions. And that same desire to live has to drive your actions day in, day out. You have to learn to pull it all from the inside, and communicate in the moment whatever it is you’re feeling. I know I said that I try to make sure that the love of life itself drives each and every one of my actions, but that doesn’t have to be it. Think of it as sort of a base layer that automatically makes your expression positive. Then you can add just about anything you want on top (as long as it is neutral or positive; negativity should be done away with unless it is truly important), and it will come from the core of feeling good inside your own body and totally accepting yourself. It’s like you have love to give, and you give it in your own way.

There’s no agenda behind expression, however. There’s no pretense. There’s no seeking to impress others. It’s just putting yourself out there on display, for others to see. The reason why so many people don’t express is that they are, at their core, uncomfortable with who they are – they feel that if they were to really express themselves and got a negative response, they’d get deeply hurt, as they depend on others for validation. Thus, people close themselves up and only seek to “impress”, rather than express; that is, they don’t show their core selves.

However, you’re not like that, are you? You’re not afraid. After all, you don’t believe other people mean much anyway – as long as you’re expressing yourself truly, you satisfy yourself.

There is, however, another component that can give yourself a boost even if you’re not feeling good: self-amusement. That will be the subject of next post.

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  1. October 29, 2009 7:16 pm

    Hey Brett.

    This is cool. We certainly can find ourselves through expression. You are right that most don’t express themselves because they are uncomfortable with who they are. I squashed this thought when I made my last two videos on my site, because you put together quotes like “Just do it”, “If not now, when”, and “If I can picture that, I’ll bring a picture back”, and then it becomes irrelevant to hold back based on wanting to not look bad in public. There’s no time for that kind of attitude.

    It certainly isn’t about impressing others. It might be about impressing ourselves though, because then we can see what we can do. Expression is as critical as you said it was here.

    I am looking forward to part 3, or part 1.

  2. October 31, 2009 4:59 pm

    Heeeeeeey Armen,

    We don’t find ourselves through expression, we just are ourselves through expression. I liken the self – who you are – as an object, just sitting there. If it doesn’t do anything, will it continue to be itself? Yes. But expression is like taking that object and providing velocity – movement and direction.

    I love your attitude – no nonsense, just do it style of thinking really resonates with me since I’m such a procrastinator by nature. I think I’ll write Part 3 next to elaborate more on what expression is, and what it feels like, with some cool exercises for you to try out.

    Look forward to seeing you around here more often, man.


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